Fortran 90 Source Files

There are two Fortran 90 modules that are part of the max-ent library. These are in the source files maxent.f90 and priorweightfunction.f90, and implementations for steepest descent and Newton's method are available. To provide access to the L-BFGS algorithm, a driver subroutine is included in maxent.f90, with a call to the public-domain limited-memory BFGS subroutine (Fortran 77 implementation) [19]. If a different convex optimization algorithm is desired, the appropriate driver routine can be added in maxent.f90 to provide an interface to the subroutine/function in which the algorithm of interest is implemented. We now discuss some of the main features and computational details that are contained in the two Fortran 90 modules.


N. Sukumar
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