ENG 104 Course Web Page N. Sukumar, ENG 104 (Fall 2010) Web Page, University of California, Davis

ENG 104: Mechanics of Materials

Instructor: N. Sukumar
Room 3159, Engineering III
Phone: 754-6415
E-mail: nsukumar@ucdavis.edu

Course Outline

The course handout can be downloaded as a PDF file. The lectures make-up this course; however, for the most part I'll follow the conventions and notations used in the textbook, and the book will help to reinforce the lectures. If you are a student registered for ENG 104, please go to the official course home page that can be accessed from the smartsite web portal.


James M. Gere and Barry J. Goodno, "Mechanics of Materials," 7th Edition, Cenage Learning, Toronto, CA, 2009. (Available in the UCD Bookstore)